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Our cruise starts with a trip back to Greek history and mythology. Delos is an uninhabited island considered one of the world’s most important archeological sites. Then we cruise towards the tiny island of Antiparos. It has quiet and unique in beauty beaches with emerald blue waters. Next stop is Sifnos which is considered as the yummiest of the Greek islands, thanks to its flourishing culinary scene. 

The next day the cruise starts in Kimolos island which is famous for its amazing beaches, crystal clear waters and picturesque architecture. Next to the island of Kimolos you find the uninhabited island of Polyaigos, which is one of the largest uninhabited islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

The main destination is Milos, which is one of the volcanic Greek islandsand thanks to its volcanic origin, it boasts a magnificent colorful landscape and a coastline that counts more than 40 exotic beaches.

The last day of the cruise the island of Paros with its white-sandy beaches and warm waters awaits for you. The cruise ends in Mykonos island.

Suggested tour: 3 days- 2 nights

Islands: 7

Miles: 220 nm


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