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What is the magic of a private yacht charter? It's really all about total privacy, personal service, gourmet meals, absolute relaxation and seclusion, watersports if you like and no fixed itinerary. We specialize in luxury fully crewed yacht charters. We feature specially selected charter yachts - those which we believe offer the best comfort, facilities, levels of service, watersport games etc.  We are fully experienced in sea so we advice our clients and book highly successful charters with many very happy clients.Taking a vacation on a fully crewed yacht is very much like staying in an exclusive villa with first rate staff to look after you and make sure you have everything you want. The yacht crew will sail the yacht, cook, pour drinks and take extremely good care of you. The advantage is that your yacht moves when you want, to a new anchorage or new island. You decide where to go, when, what you want to eat and who to take with you.










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