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The Captain of your luxurious floating accommodations will generally recommend the best itinerary and will know the cruising area very well, the prettiest harbours, quietest beaches and most unique snorkelling or scuba areas. But the choice is yours as the itinerary is always flexible: if you discover a place you particularly love, then you can spend extra time there. Generally,  the captain will make sure you set off in the right direction - he might even come with you. If you're real party people, you might want to go ashore and enjoy the local nightlife, especially the oh so popular Myconian nightlife. Most charter clients choose to eat at least one meal  ashore during the course of the week to taste some of the local cuisine.


Woman crew

If you just want to be only women on board then SYachting can provide you with a fully  female crew (stewardess and captain) in any of our yachts you want.

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