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Patmos island, which is also known as the “Island of the apocalypse”, has a strong spiritual character. According to the tradition, Saint John the Divine was inspired to write the Book of the Apocalypse inside a cave there. Today, the so-called “Cave of the Apocalypse” is one of the island’s main attractions. There’s also a large monastery dedicated to Saint John above Chora, the island’s charming capital. Thousands of pilgrims come to Patmos island every year to visit these two religious monuments.

Chora has narrow alleys and an amazing view of the Aegean Sea which makes it a perfect place for wandering. 

The island is ideal for total relaxation at the beach or in the countryside. Swimming in the wonderfully secluded beaches is a delight. Enjoy a day under the hot sun and in the afternoon have lunch in the seaside taverns, while in the evenings, you can have a drink in a lounge cafe-bar under the stars.

After 2 days in Patmos we cruise back to Mykonos island.

Suggested tour: 2 days- 1 night

Islands: 1

Miles: 200 nm


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